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Log Books

Designed for all Dolphins over 9 years old, the Swim Log is for you to keep a record of your personal best times achieved in Time Trials, Competition and Club Championships.  This will help you to see where you need to improve and also how much you have improved over the swimming year.

Once you download the form you will see it includes an example sheet, together with lots of helpful comments built into the form. The basic information swimmers need to put in is your name; ASA Number (if not known see Gerry or Tina) and your personal best times (PB’s) against the various strokes & distances - if you don't know them take your Club Championship times as a starting point.  If you don't have one for a specific stroke ask your coach for a time to work to.  Completing your logbook will also enable the coaches to easily check your times and ensure we enter you correctly for competitions.

The Qualifying Times on the log are available for you on the entry information that is given to you for competitions - just update each time you notice it changes.


As said above, most of our swimmers will be using the club championship times which can be viewed on the website. As time trials & galas occur swimmers (& parents) can start to keep their records up to date. Most gala results are published on our website and the respective organisers’ websites.  anything you can't find - just ask! 


 Have fun!

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