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Coaches and Teachers

Teachers' and Coaches' Pledge

We, the teachers and coaches of Brent Dolphins Swimming Club, are committed to the ongoing development of the club and to realising the potential of every swimmer within it.

We will educate, instruct and develop every individual to the best of our ability and will attend developmental workshops and seminars to keep our knowledge at the forefront of swimming teaching and coaching theory.

We acknowledge that every swimmer has a different ambition and will encourage them to work towards personalised, achieveable goals that are set within the boundaries of their own individual ability.

Esme Brommage  Tom Brommage  Terry Coppin  Peter Corr   

Viktoria Driscoll-Mooney  Bradley Emery  Maggie McWilliams-Harrison  Emma Marshall  

Sophie Monaghan  Chris Newby Tony Pepper  Oliver Spisak  Elizabeth Winter

The Poolside Team